‘Alice’ is a film production company whose cornerstone is a combination of creative freedom and versatility. Our work is collaborative and results from the craftsmanship and dedication of a talented multidisciplinary team.


Images are what inspire us. We believe that every film’s conception comes from the relentless pursuit of truly cinematographic images capable of telling a story. We also believe in the creative potential of every project and in the power of storytelling, regardless of platform or media.


‘Alice’ is the name of a character in a surreal dream, which became a short movie (watch it here). In the movie, a girl who’s obsessed with images goes through a creative liberation process as she embarks on a powerful visual journey. She’s the inspiration behind our name. And her personality describes our working philosophy.


The company is headed by partners Wal Tamagno (Executive Producer) and Felipe Mansur (Scene Director)


Felipe Mansur was named Latin America’s Most Awarded Director by the Gunn Report (and number 14 worldwide), in 2014. He has won 3 Cannes Lions plus 1 Silver Pencil at the One Show and 3 bronzes and 1 silver at El Ojo de Iberoamerica.


Wal Tamagno has more than 20 years’ experience as an executive producer, providing a unique ability to bring creativity into the production process.